-Cross-over Delay - Automatically calculates cross-over delays based on Dial-in-settings
-Second Hit - Take 2 shots at the tree with the same switch or two seperate switches
-Bump-DownTM - Powerful feature for improving late reactions, Programmable
-Flinch ProtectionTM - Allows you to prevent a red-light launch when you release too soon
-Reaction Info - Displays reaction time difference and bump-down count for each tree
-Transbrake Lockout - Prevents reactivation of transbrake for a programable period of time
-Pro-StageTM - Powerful starting line control (requires compatible throttle stop)
-Extra Timers - 3 timer model can be for throttle control , shifting, nitrous or any other application
-Lighted Displays
-Size: Only 4.3" x 4.7" x 2.95" (H x W x D)

Crossover box with 1 timer $419.00
Cross over box with 3 timers $499.00
Behind Dash mounting bracket $22.99