Advanced Control Devices, Inc. was formed in 1985 by multi National and Divisional Event winning Super Class racer, Jerry Thomas. Way back when Super Gas and Super Comp cars could only run a few tenths under the index, a throttle control that pulled back the throttle when you shifted into high gear was used to control E. T. We quickly discovered that missing the shift by only a little bit caused an E.T. variance. The RPM Controlled CO² shifter was born. It quickly became a must have item and spread to all automatic equipped classes.
    By 1987 ACD became a full time company and moved to our present location. We were also selling CO² Throttle Controls and building our RPM Controlled Shifters for 2 & 3 speed Lenco's and B&J's used in Top Fuel, Funny Cars and Alcohol Dragsters and Funny Cars.
    Since that time ACD has continued to design, build and develop innovative new products with help of Nationally known racers using sophisticated data recording devices and lots of on track testing.Innovative products include in-line Throttle Controls, Double Shift 3 Speeds, CO² powered 2 way in-line controls, 4 & 5 speed Lenco Shifters and the Shift Lite Box.
    ACD designs and engineers all our products to be 100% reliable and easy to install. ACD does not make cheap knock offs of this weeks hot products and we do not sell wheels & tires. Everything we build, we know how it works, exactly why it works and how to install it!!! Since 2000 ACD has been owned by drag racer Bob Phillips and he continues to develop new products.
    When you want quality controls for your race car, you only need to make ONE call to ACD