Dual Throttle Control
  The ACD dual throttle control is designed for racers needing 2 throttle controls. Typical applications are for bracket racing using an Auto-Start or Pro-Stage system and also wanting a starting line RPM control or down the track E.T. control. The unit is also popular for NHRA Super Street racers using 1 control for starting line RPM control and the other for E.T. control.
#9200           Discontinued
-Allows two different throttle control cycles
-For use with any Auto Start system
-Can be used as a starting line RPM Control and E.T. Control
-Connects to throttle cable or rod
-Extra stroke length for blower or injection
-Easy installation, adjustment
-No hood clearence problems
-#9200 includes throttle controls, solenoids, line, fittings
-Lightweight - lighter than standard in-line controls
Dual throttle Kit
  Complete kit includes 10oz. CO² bottle, regulator, airline and fitting, throttle control and solenoids.
#9201           Discontinued