Starting Line RPM Controller
   The exclusive ACD ultra fine quick adjust system allows throttle stroke adjustment of 040" per turn without disconnecting the air or electric lines. Throw away that engine destroying 2-step! The ACD Starting Line RPM Controller holds part throttle (externaly adjustable) to set leave RPM's. Your foot will be on the floor.
  When you release the transbrake, line lock, foot brake, etc., the controller will go to full throttle. You get the consistent launch of leaving on a carb pump shot plus the ability to adjust the speed of throttle opening for better traction on slick tracks. Works with any ignition, even magnetos. Compatible with any type delay box. Can be set to leave as low as idle or as high an RPM as you desire. Can be used with K & R Auto Start System.

This is the HOT TICKET for consistent reaction and 60' times on marginal tracks.
2½ " stroke.
#9011           $189.00
-Independent adjustments for opening speed
-Over 10 years of track testing and racer feedback
-Works with any carb or injection
-No extra spacers or plates under carb
-¼ amp draw only during activation
-Accuracy of precisely regulated CO2
-Does not effect Reaction Time.
-No hood clearence problems
-Size for cable or rod linkage
-Does not lift your foot
Throttle Control Kit
  Complete kit includes Starting Line RPM Control with D.O.T. and NHRA accepted 10oz. CO² bottle,Preset Regulator with Gage, line and fitting kit. One filling of bottle lasts 500-600 activations.
#9011K           $339.00