90 Control (Must be a pull throttle not push)
   The new 90 Control V has just made all other stops obsolete. The exclusive ACD ultra fine quick adjust system allows throttle stroke adjustment of .040" per turn without disconnecting the air or electric lines. The 90 Control V is totally adjustable for speed of opening and speed of closing. This will totally eliminate inconsistencies of tire spin and chassis unload. ACD offers something none of the Copy Cats can. Set Up info. We have compiled over 20 years of information from our own racing, testing & racer feedback. Don't settle for less, the ACD Control V can make you a winner too!

Installation Instructions

#9000           $199.00

-Independent adjustments for opening and closing speed
-Over 10 years of track testing and racer feedback
-Works with any carb or injection
-No extra spacers or plates under carb
-¼ amp draw only during activation
-Accuracy of precisely regulated CO
-Does not effect Reaction Time.
-No hood clearence problems
-Size for cable or rod linkage
-Does not lift your foot
-2½ stroke

Throttle Control Kit
  Complete kit includes 90 Control V with D.O.T. and NHRA accepted 10oz. CO² bottle, regulator, line and fitting kit. One filling of bottle lasts for 500-600 activations.
#9001           $335.00