Lenco RPM Controlled Shifters

-Allows RPM controlled upshift each at a different RPM
-Built in default delay circutry allows upshifting even if there is no RPM drop between shifts
-Double safe operation electronically and mechanically holds air to pot after upshift
-Remote air dump and auto reset
-Override button for easy burn out and short shift
-2 Piece unit for easy mounting
-Units available for 3,4, or 5 speeds
-Units available for 4, or 8 cylinder standard ignitions
-Can also be triggered by your magneto switch with msd tach adapter
-Shift lite only box also available
-Call ACD for more information

Installation Instructions

#8203 - $629.00
#8204 - $689.00
#8205 - $799.00

3 speed

5 speed