RPM Controlled CO² Shifters
The SHIFT CONTROL which has SET THE STANDARD since 1985
   The ACD Model #6000 is unquestionably the finest, most consistent RPM controlled shifter available. Every component is made specifically for RPM control shifting a race car(not repackaged industrial parts like the cheapies). The electronics are custom built to give you consistent and repeatable shifts race after race. The precisely regulated CO² pressure insures exact shifts. This is the unit by which all others are judged.
  The #6000 Kit contains the best quality components money can buy. This kit is for the racer looking for the "best". Kit also includes 10oz. CO² , High quality Dual Gauge Regulator, all High Quality Line & Fittings, box mounting hardware & RPM Control Box w/ 2000 RPM test chip'.

Installation Instructions


-Over 500 shifts per refill of NHRA approved CO² bottle.(Meets NHRA Specs)
-All shifters brackets are custom fabricated, tig welded steel
-Over 10 years of track testing & racer feedback
-Detailed instruction and tech help for easy installation
-CO² pressure is precisely regulated to move the shifter at exactly the same speed every shift
-Used to win more NHRA World Championship than all the imitators
-Custom units available for Leno, B&J, Bruno BRT's, Sand DRags, Mud Bogger, Drag Boat and Monster Truck
-Remote connection for manual override or for operation by a timer
#6000               Discontinued

Bracket and Cylinder Kits
#6001 - Hurst Quarterstick Forward Pattern Powerglide - $79.99
#6002 - Hurst Quarterstick II (Rear Exit Cable) Forward Pattern Powerglide - $79.99
#6003 - B&M Prostick Forward pattern Powerglide - $79.99
#6006 - Turbo Action, Winters and Fairbanks Forward Pattern Powerglide - $99.99
#6007 - Turbo Action, Winters and Fairbanks Reverse Pattern 3 speed for 1-2 shifts only - $99.99
#6008 - Hurst Quarterstick I and II Reverse Pattern 3 speed for 1-2 shift only - $109.99
#6010 B&M Prostick Reverse pattern 3 speed for 1-2shift only - $109.99
#6011 B&M Bandit and Frameworks Forward pattern Powerglide - $89.99
#6015 B&M Quick Click and Pro Ratchet any trans with any pattern - $130.00